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Reservation conditions


Reservations can be made by posting, faxing or e-mailing a completed booking form (booking fee is 450 CZK). 
One form per pitch / accommodation should be completed. 
Reservation can only be booked for the minimum of 7 nights, in high season the arrival and the departure days of the accommodations (mobile homes, log-cabins, Chalet) are only on Saturdays or Wednesdays. 
No motor vehicles (campers) can park on the pitches on the waterside. 
We try wherever possible to take into account the wishes and preferences of our guests and areas of pitches. A given location number is always subject to change, we reserve the rights for change. 

Discount cards:

If you want to receive discount with the reservation, it is necessary to take the card with you and bring it to the reception on arrival. If we do not receive the discount card, it is not possible to acknowledge your discount and we will charge you for the total costs without discount.

It is possible to make reservation min. 3 weeks before arrival.


After receiving a booking confirmation the amount of 25 % of the total rent is to be paid within three weeks. The rest of the payment should be paid 6 weeks before the intended date of arrival. Reservations made within 6 weeks before arrival, the total amount to be paid together with the reservation made. If there is a delay of the payment, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation. 


The listed prices for a given year will, subject to printing errors, unforeseen VAT changes, government taxes and surcharges and really obvious mistakes, remain unchanged during that particular year.  You will receive the confirmation and invoice in EUR, the exchange rate for year 2018 is 1 EUR = 25 CZK. You can pay also in Czech Crowns on our bank account in the Czech Republic. Bank charges are debited to the client, otherwise we are forced to charge this fee.


For rental accommodation, we deposit a fee of € 50. On departure, the deposit will be refunded if the accommodation is left clean and tidy, no inventory is missing and no damage has occurred to the accommodation or the inventory. 
For car entry card there is a deposit charge of € 10. On departure, the deposit will be refunded if the card is returned undamaged at the reception. 


The cancellation conditions (article 7) apply to changes in reservations that end up in a partial cancellation (e.g. reduction of the reserved period).


Camping: The pitches are at your disposal from 1.30 pm. On the day of departure they must be vacated clean and tidy till 12 pm. 
Rental of accommodations: the rented accommodation is available from 3 pm. Within 1 hour from your arrival please announce any imperfections or missing inventory at the reception. On the day of your departure the accommodation must be vacated clean and tidy till 10 am. 


A. Within 7 days after the date of booking confirmation the reservation may be cancelled free of charge, except the reservations made within 6 weeks before your arrival. 
B. Cancellation between 7 days after the date of booking confirmation and 6 weeks before arrival: 25 % of the total amount will be charged. 
C. If cancelled between 6 weeks and 1 week before arrival, 90 % of the total amount will be charged. 
D. For cancellation between 1 week before arrival and the day of arrival itself, the full amount will be charged. 
E. No refunds are given in the event of early departure or late arrival other than booked. 
F. Cancellation must be put in writing. 


You can compensate by cancellation insurance against the cancellation cost of the accommodation / pitch, if one of the following points happen to one of the travelers: 
A. Sudden illness or injury caused by an accident; 
B. Death in a close family (wife, husband, parents, children, brothers or sisters). Send us a valid medical certificate. 
C. Householder’s loss of employment by involuntary redundancy.

Conclusion of cancellation insurance is only possible when booking directly. Simultaneously with the 1st payment (within 21 days after receipt of confirmation) the full insurance amount is to be paid. If the insurance is not paid together with the 1st deposit, it is assumed that no cancellation insurance will be concluded. It is not possible to conclude the insurance later.
The cancellation insurance provides cancellation coverage from the day of booking till the departure date you entered in the reservation. By earlier departure, caused by one of the above mentioned reasons, refunds are made for number of remaining days of your holidays.
In order to benefit from the cancellation insurance you should deliver your cancellation statement and supporting documentation at the reception in writing. 
The reimbursement is only made by bank transfer. 
When cancelling the reservation we do not refund the reservation fee or the cancellation insurance. The cancellation insurance is 5 % of the total amount of reservation and administrative costs are 100 CZK. 

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