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Summer party 11th August 2017

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Samba and Salsa dancing workshop 6/8

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Latino summer concert 28.7.

Publikováno od: 2017-06-30 10:28:00 UTC do: 2022-06-30 12:28:00 UTC

AED Defibrilator - First Aid

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New rule for accommodation in 2017

Since 2017 it will not be possible to stay in mobile homes or in Chalet with a dog or other pets. We believe that this rule will contribute to a peaceful holiday for all our guests and nobody will be limited.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to your visit!

Team Camping Frymburk

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Concert Open Air Music 26.8.

Publikováno od: 2016-08-02 14:06:00 UTC do: 2016-09-02 16:06:00 UTC

Forest Kingdom Lipno


Publikováno od: 2016-07-27 10:43:00 UTC do: 2016-08-27 12:43:00 UTC

Summer party 5th August

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Summer white night Party 22nd July

Summer white night party with DJ Melvin Coxx, a cocktail bar and dance in a super atmospheer!


Publikováno od: 2016-06-21 13:29:00 UTC do: 2017-04-21 15:29:00 UTC

Camping is the flower kingdom of Jeanette

Publikováno od: 2016-06-09 14:49:00 UTC do: 2016-07-09 16:49:00 UTC

Concert of choir Hamonie Frymburk 24th June

We enjoyed very nice concert of singing choir Harmonie Frymburk. You could hear Czech and international songs and folk songs. There was also a presentation about history of our campsite and small refreshment.


Photo from concert last year:

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Hopsarium in Lipno for children

Discover new beautiful attractions for families with children in indoor halls in Lipno!

HOPSARIUM - World of Family Entertainment
A place full of games, adventure and skills. The first sheltered, heated family playground in Lipno.
The unique attraction for children and adults in any kind of weather, Sheltered heated hall with giant climbing frames, tours and a two-floor slide and a ball pool, Individual playground for our youngest visitors, Big inflatable attractions, Bar offering refreshment for everyone, Outdoor area with a long slide on inflatable rings and pedal car track suitable for children and adults, All attractions meet all safety standards. Open daily from 10 am till 7 pm.

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Concert folkgroup Lakomá Barka

28th May we organised concert of Lakomá Barka from Český Krumlov also with presentation about the history of our campsite. We had a wonderful atmosphere.

Thank you very much for coming!

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New comfort sanitary

4 luxury pitches with en-suite facilities (toilet, shower, washbasin) n. 72, 73, 75, 76 - this year brand-new sanitary:

Publikováno od: 2016-05-18 07:31:00 UTC do: 2021-05-18 09:31:00 UTC

Wi-Fi in the campsite

Internet for sale at the reception.

2 days wi-fi : 50 CZK = 2 EUR  / 1 device only

7 days wi-fi : 150 CZK = 6 EUR / 1 device only

Wi - Fi free zone: On the parking place near reception from 6am till 9pm.


Publikováno od: 2016-05-15 11:00:00 UTC do: 2016-05-16 13:00:00 UTC

May run 5 km in Frymburk 14.5.

Our receptionist Laïla Assante has won in the 5 km run in Frymburk.

Frymba the frog, our Luky, was the biggest fan.


Publikováno od: 2016-01-11 08:55:00 UTC do: 2017-01-11 09:55:00 UTC

Celebrate with us 25th anniversary!

During whole summer concerts and activities will take place.

We are looking forward to you!

28.5. concert - folkmusic Lakoma Barka, 24.6. concert - singing choir Harmonie Frymburk, 22.7. White night party with DJ Melvin Coxx, 5.8. Summerparty with salsa and samba, Corso and Wildsticks, 26.8. Music open air Strassen-musiker-tournee from Germany

Photos from party 30th April:

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New Years Congratulations 2016

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Camping shop

Directly at the campsite reception you can buy all necessary equipment for camping e.g. gas cartridges, tents, pegs, air mattresses, mats, chemical liquids for toilets, everything for grilling, extension cables and adapters and much more.

Publikováno od: 2015-08-22 16:11:00 UTC do: 2020-08-22 18:11:00 UTC

Surfs, boats, yachting, paddle boards in boat rental

Directly in the campsite!

Tel: +420 605 160 343, +420 603 812 433 - Mr. Frantal

e-mail: frantal.f@seznam.cz
Daily open from 10 - 20 o´clock in the high season till 30.8. Afterthen by phone.

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Activity park Frymburk 2016

Directly in Frymburk near hotel Leyla you will find Summer tubing, Snag golf, way up to the hill with a lift and down on Tri-wheelers, Wakeboarding! Only 5 minutes on foot from Camping Frymburk.

Publikováno od: 2015-07-19 15:12:00 UTC do: 2015-07-20 17:12:00 UTC

Aquazorbing in the camping!

in the high season till 21/8.

Enjoy an active summer!

Publikováno od: 2015-07-02 11:57:00 UTC do: 2018-07-02 13:57:00 UTC

Wakeboarding in Frymburk near our campsite

Near the parking place under the skipark Frymburk near Hotel Leyla, only 300 m from Camping Frymburk!

Enjoy an active summer!

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Ferry Frymburk - Frýdava

It goes every hour in May and June from 9 am til 6 pm, in July and August from 8 am till 8 pm and in September from 9 am till 6 pm.

Ferry goes back from Frýdava to Frymburk 5 minutes later.

Prices 2016:

Person 15 CZK

Children up to 10 years 5 CZK

Cyclist 30 CZK

Car with driver 70 CZK

Motocycle with driver 50 CZK

Or you can go on the road by car or ride a bike on a cycling path from Frymburk to Lipno nad Vltavou, over the dam to Přední Výtoň and to Frýdava.

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Special offers in the off-peak season

14 days off-season arrangement in Camping Frymburk
Price: 5500 CZK
( = 220 € )

Valid from 27th April till 1st July and from the 26th August till the 16th September.
Including: 2 persons + normal pitch with electricity + tourist tax
+ 28 shower coins
+ hiking and cycle map for free
+ wi-fi for free

This arrangement is valid only if you order it by e-mail 2 weeks before arriving. The payment must be met in cash at the reception on arrival.

If you would like to stay longer or you come with more persons you pay normal prices. There is an additional charge for pitches with private sanitary or pitches by the waterside.


- We will reserve places for your group (caravans, tents) in separate part of our camping.
- We will prepare your programme including trips with guide.
- Grillparty with live music or lunch/dinner in restaurant.
- Trips to Prague, Český Krumlov, sightseeing boat on Lipno lake with music and dinner etc.
- Rafting and canoes
- Cycling trips with guide
- For groups we can prepare special activities in outdoor centre, high ropes, paintball, Go-kart, swimming pool.
Valid in low season 27.4.-1.7. and 26.8.-16.9. - for travel agencies, groups.
We will be glad to arrange your programme according to your wish. For precise price calculation, please, contact us per e-mail: info@campingfrymburk.cz.

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Walk up to the hill

Walk 9/8 2017

In main season 1.7. - 27.8.

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FIFA World Cup 2014

Publikováno od: 2014-06-23 10:55:00 UTC do: 2014-07-23 12:55:00 UTC

Fish party with live music

Publikováno od: 2014-06-04 13:52:00 UTC do: 2016-06-04 15:52:00 UTC

FRYMBA the Frog welcomes you in Camping Frymburk!

Do you like our new mascot Frymba the Frog? Will you visit him in the campsite? The whole season you can meet him only in our camping.
FRYMBA the Frog welcomes you in Camping Frymburk during activities with animation team and he gives out sweets and happiness!


Publikováno od: 2014-04-06 19:30:00 UTC do: 2014-05-06 21:30:00 UTC

New video from the bike by Campig Street View

Enjoy our holiday video from French company Camping Street View, which was filmed without a cut last summer at our campsite by a cyclist from France with a camera on his helmet and who passes campsites throughout Europe.


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Economy mobile homes 2014

New mobile homes are ready!

Numbers M15 and M16, with covered terrace and a wonderful view on the lake.

Publikováno od: 2014-03-19 12:00:00 UTC do: 2018-04-19 13:00:00 UTC

Animation programme

We organise animation programme for children in the main season in July and August with Dutch- and English- speaking girls.

Every week we have another theme such as Circus, Talentshow, Sport!

Publikováno od: 2014-03-06 21:32:00 UTC do: 2019-03-06 22:32:00 UTC

Water park for kids

Dear children and almost adults!

For everyone we have aquatic center directly on the beach in our campsite.
We have a banane, 2 icebergs and roller, there is also a super-jump large water trampoline, a ball spinner and other water attractions, including water volleyball for animation programme.

We look forward to you!

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New Year´s congratulations 2015

Publikováno od: 2013-11-04 20:23:00 UTC do: 2015-12-04 21:23:00 UTC

Book early and receive a discount!

Make your reservation till 1st February 2016 and you will pay no reservation costs.

We are looking forward to your visit.


Publikováno od: 2013-08-04 16:09:00 UTC do: 2013-08-04 18:09:00 UTC

Fish party with Laurens

Try the real taste of Czech trout on the fire!

Wednesday 28.8. : 20.00 – 22.00 at the campfire area

subscribe and pay till Tuesday 27.8. at pitch n. 127 with red motorcycle

Price:  125 CZK = 5 EUR fish + beer


Publikováno od: 2013-07-21 18:29:00 UTC do: 2013-07-21 20:29:00 UTC

Camping newspapers

From July this year we have new weekly camping newspaper with tips what to in our campsite and the surrounding.

Come and take your newspapers on reception!

Publikováno od: 2014-06-05 21:17:00 UTC do: 2019-08-05 23:17:00 UTC

Rafting trip on the Vltava river

Rafting trip on the Vltava river from Zlatá Koruna to Boršov
Every Tuesday in high season                     
Distance: 18 km                 
Duration: 4 hours (incl. lunch break)

This trip is also suitable for beginners and families with small children.

An information evening is held every Monday night at 8 pm in the garage next to the reception area.

We meet at the Tesco supermarket in Český Krumlov. From there it is a short 10 minute drive to the starting point in Zlatá Koruna. On arrival a basic training session will be held and we will be equipped. This will be under the supervision of two English speaking instructors, and they will remain with the group for the duration of the trip.
Our traditional rafting trip takes us through the most beautiful part of the Vltava river, past meadows, forests and rocky streams towards our designated lunching spot, which is included in the price of the trip. After lunch we stop for a swim, perhaps under the ruins of an old medieval castle.
The estimated return time is 4 pm.

Price:  590,- CZK per person, children up to 11 years 350,- CZK (lunch included)

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The camping regularly organize evenings with live band.
The next concert will be on June 26 (Wednesday)
DUO LAKOMA BARKA, Start at 7 p.m.

Free entrance

Publikováno od: 2013-06-04 08:25:00 UTC do: 2013-07-04 10:25:00 UTC

New children playgrounds and mobile homes

We have built a new nice children playground for smaller children with tobogans on a clear sand that mothers will appreciate a lot.

We have new luxury mobile homes M13 and M14 which are situated next to children playground. They have 3 rooms and completely covered terrace that protect from rain and gives privacy.


Publikováno od: 2014-05-03 13:26:00 UTC do: 2015-06-10 15:26:00 UTC

Frymburk FESTIVAL (10th - 11th June 2016)

Eat and drink, dance and have fun on the square in Frymburk on Friday and Saturday!

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LEGO exposition in Lipno 2016

LEGO Exhibition: 4th June – 31 st August 2016

Summer exhibition world of cubes is prepared for you in Lipno Sports Arena. Open daily 9.30 am to 7 pm, last entry at 6 pm.
- Lego models of castles (Karlstejn, Rožmberk, Hluboká, Červená Lhota, Pilsen Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, Prague Old Town Hall, Villa Tugendhat in Brno). The largest model has more than 4 m, Lego Architecture, Lego Technic and incredible technical machines, trains and railways, statues of cubes - a life-size Terminator, game and movie corner.
Entry 200 CZK, free for children under 100 cm, children under 15 years 150 CZK, family 2 adults + 2 children 580 CZK.

Publikováno od: 2014-06-03 11:22:00 UTC do: 2015-06-04 13:22:00 UTC

Festival in Český Krumlov 17 - 19 June 2016

Five-petalled Rose Celebrations 2016

Český Krumlov will once again don the medieval coat and honour the famous House of the Five-petalled Rose. Get transferred back into the medieval ages with noble knights, singers and jugglers accompanied by period music.

The Five-petalled Rose Celebrations is an amazing Renaissance festival in its 30th year offering a historic insight and entertainment for both kids and grown ups. Visitors can again view the popular costumed processions; attend the knightly tournament, live chess and concerts. Another popular feature is the medieval market with a unique atmosphere of dancing, musical and theatrical performances.

The 30th Český Krumlov Celebrations look forward to your visit.

Fotos from http://www.slavnostipetilisteruze.eu.


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Camping Frymburk is on Facebook together with other campsites from the Topcamping.cz group

- follow our facebook pages and become our fan!


Competition on Facebook:

Photo competition

Did you have an interesting experience and did you take nice photographs at our campsite?
Did you visit interesting places in the surroundings of our camps, and would you like to share it with others?

Send us 4 – 10 photographs with text descriptions (name of article, basic description and, if you want, also comment on individual photographs) including your name to info@topcamping.cz

We will be pleased to place your contribution, including the comments, on our Facebook pages. 

The authors of article with the most “likes” (most fans) will win a voucher for accommodation at any of TopcampingCZ campsites based on your own selection.  


1st   place  =  150 Euro
2nd place  =  100 Euro
3rd  place  =    50 Euro

Thus, get your Facebook friends to “like” your contribution!


Complete rules

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Homemade pizza in the restaurant at the campsite


In the camping restaurant you can enjoy new delicious pizzas of different types directly from the oven.

Furthermore, on the menu there are salads, steaks, also excellent trout or salmon, Dutch specialties such as bitterballs or frikandels. For children there is a special menu. You can order breakfast or fresh bread and rolls. You can buy also some basic groceries and toiletries.

In the summer you can enjoy refreshing ice cream and ice lollies and of course cold beer.

All also to take away directly to your tent or caravan!




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Sightseeing train Frymburk-Lipno

Unique attraction for tourists specially for your children till 31.8.2015 and next year from June 2016!

Around Lipno lake an excursion road train runs from Frymburk to Lipno nad Vltavou directly around Camping Frymburk. The tickets are sold on the train, you can hop on and hop off at stops along the way. In Lipno, you can visit the various attractions like a trampoline waterpark, path among trees, hopsarium, Lego exposition. In June only on the weekends, daily in July and August except Mondays.

On the trail the train stops also on the sign.


  One-way Return ticket
Adults 50,- 80,-
Children 30,- 50,-

 Train stop directly in Camping Frymburk:

Frymburk Wellness Hotel - departure direction Lipno
Lipno nad Vlt. - departure direction Frymburk
10:00 10:45
13:15 14:00
17:00 18:00
Camping Frymburk - departure direction Lipno
Camping Frymburk - departure direction Frymburk
10:15 11:10
13:25 14:25
17:15 18:25
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Fitness and wellness

Dance and relax during your vacation in our camping!

FIT DANCE in zumba and aerobic style for all ages is held in the campsite in the high season, you can stretch and move your hips in attractive Latin American dance rhythms.

Spa treatments, massages, sauna world, yoga, squash, bowling, indoor swimming pool with water slide and whirlpool you can find at the Wellness Hotel Frymburk. In May, June and September our guests receive
discount - 10% off at the swimming pool, sauna and sault chamber with the leaflet Tips for trips!

Massages and whirlpool can be
arranged in the hotel Maxant.

Squash, tennis, badminton and fitness center
are situated in the sports hall in Lipno nad Vltavou, where you can also enjoy aquapark, bobsleigh track or climbing center.

We are looking forward to you!

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Mobile homes discount in May and September 2018

For months May and September 2018 we have for you a special offer for accommodation in luxury and economy mobile homes or weekend house Chalet.


If you reserve 7 nights you obtain 1 night for free or reserve 14 nights you obtain 3 nights for free.

7 nights for price of 6 nights

14 nights for price of 11 nights


Further information you find on:

Mobile homes



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Children playgrounds 2013

Your children can play in very nice playgrounds in both parts of our camping.


Publikováno od: 2010-12-07 11:38:00 UTC do: 2016-12-07 12:38:00 UTC

Combination ACSI + 15 % discount card

In the low season we accept the ACSI Campingcard and the ADAC Campcard for 17 EUR per night / 2 persons for standard place with electricity + excl. tourist tax.

In low season 28.4. - 1.7.  and  27.8. - 17.9.2017 you can now also use the 15 % discount card from Topcamping CZ in combination with the ACSI camping card. Please, let us know on arrival that you would like to use 15 % discount card together with ACSI camping card.

The voucher 15 % can be obtained at one of trade-fairs we participate in. Furthermore, every guest obtains this voucher on his departure from any of campsites from www.topcamping.cz.


Publikováno od: 2013-08-20 10:10:00 UTC do: 2018-10-20 12:10:00 UTC

Gorgeous view on lake from all places

Enjoy wonderful and breathtaking view on the shining water surface of Lipno lake from almost all places in our campsite - caravan and tent pitches, mobile homes. This unique view is thanks to our gradually elevated terraces. You can hardly find it anywhere else!

Publikováno od: 2010-01-25 10:10:00 UTC do: 2013-05-25 11:10:00 UTC

Camping Frymburk Alan Rogers Award winner

In January 2010 during travel fair Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht we were awarded by Alan Roger prestigious camping guide from UK as the best camping for Active holiday in Europe.

Come to us and enjoy a wonderful holiday in our camping! 

Publikováno od: 2009-12-22 19:30:00 UTC do: 2015-12-04 20:30:00 UTC

Fair-trades 2015

You can visit us also in following fair-trades on stand of Topcamping.cz.

At our stand you can get our catalogue with 15% discount coupon.

We will look forward to your visit:

Utrecht Vakantiebeurs - 14.-18.1.2015

Leeuwarden Caravana - 22.-27.1.2015

Hardenberg Kampeer Totaal - 20.-22.2.2015

Herning (Denmark) Ferie for alle - 20.-22.2.2015

Publikováno od: 2009-12-01 14:20:00 UTC do: 2015-12-02 15:20:00 UTC

Cycling track Frymburk - Lipno - Predni Vyton

Very nice cycling track leads around our camping in the total length ca 16 km long. It is flat and suitable also for in-line skates or nice walks with wonderful view to lake, Frymburk and Camping Frymburk. On the way you will find also comfortable rest and picnic places. The cycling path is fully lighted. You can continue from Predni Vyton to Frydava and with a ferry over the lake back to Frymburk.

You can find there on the way also a very nice brons statue as a muse of the Lipno lake.  

Publikováno od: 2013-08-18 09:50:00 UTC do: 2014-09-18 11:50:00 UTC


- We will reserve places for your group (caravans, tents) in separate part of our camping.

- We will prepare your programme including trips with guide.

- Grillparty with live music or lunch/dinner in restaurant.

- Trips to Prague, Český Krumlov, Vienna, Water powerstation Lipno etc.

- Rafting and canoes

- Cycling trips with guide 

- For schools we can prepare special activities in outdoor centre, high ropes, paintball, Go-kart, swimming pool.

Valid in low season 26.4.-1.7. and 24.8.-22.9. - for schools, travel agencies, groups.

We will be glad to arrange your programme according to your wish. For precise price calculation, please, contact us per e-mail: info@campingfrymburk.cz.




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