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Mobile homes

Since 2017 it will not be possible to stay in mobile homes or in Chalet with a dog or other pets!

You can choose from our following types of mobile home: 

Economy mobile homes

We have for you economy mobile homes for max 5 persons (4 adults + 1 child up to 50 kg on the top bunk). These mobile homes are 8 m long X 3 m wide (24 m2). They stay on places M5 - M12 and M15 - M20 with a wonderful view on the Lipno lake. Every mobile home has its own stone terrace (M5 - M12) with garden furniture or a nice wooden fully covered terrace (M15 - M20). Parking is behind a mobile home. Economy mobile homes are equipped as luxurious mobile homes.

Luxury mobile homes Deluxe

You can rent also our luxurious mobile homes Savanah, Pacifique and Flores. They are placed on numbers M1 - M4 and M13, M14 on the map of campsite.

 Mobilni domky



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