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Camping Frymburk

Hanne and Tereza Wilzing

Frymburk 184
382 79   (region Cesky Krumlov!!!)

There is another Frymburk 100 km far away from our campsite!

Czech Republic
tel: +420 733 745 435

Email: info@campingfrymburk.cz

GPS: bg 48.656 lg 14.17038

48°39´22´´N   14°10´11´´ E

Please, do not use the ferry - there is always a road: in Austria from Linz go to Bad Leonfelden, Studanky, Vyssi Brod, Lipno. In Germany from Deggendorf A3 direction Passau go to way n. 533 to Grafenau, Freyung, way n. 12 to Phillipsreut, Strazny, Lenora, way n. 39 to Volary, Horni Plana, Cerna v Posumavi, Frymburk.

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